Cheap Prepaid Cell Phones

Some people have no need for anything but cheap prepaid cell phones. Sometimes only the basics are all that is necessary. There is no need to go to the expense of getting all of the bells and whistles if you have no use for them.

Then again, most of the cheaper cell phones also offer many of those same bells and whistles... camera, text messaging, mp3 player, fm radio, BLUETOOTH® connectivity, web browsing, check your email, live video capture, and a lot of other features.

Choose from multiple manufacturers like:

You can usually get a low cost, very basic cell phone for your calls and/or texting only, if that's all you need. Unfortunately, companies providing prepaid service don't give away free phones like they do with contract plans.Check out to learn more about sell my phone.

Prices vary depending on where you purchase your phone. You can find some good deals from the manufacturers, the service providers, from individuals, and don't forget eBay.


Prepaid Service

Using prepaid cellular phone service has one great advantage in that it is much easier to budget yourself and/or family members. Once your alotted minutes are consumed (don't worry, you'll always receive a warning), you must buy more minutes in order to use your service. You can add more minutes at anytime you like actually.

Have no fear of outrageous bills with unexpected overages. It simply can't happen with pay as you go.

Most carriers offer a couple of pricing options when you pre-pay your cell service. One way is to simply purchase minutes anytime you need them. Denominations typically range from $10 up to $100. This is what is called pay-as-you-go.

Other options allow you to choose a specific unlimited plan which charges you a small daily fee for those days you actually use the service. It is to your advantage to compare these unlimited plans if you send an/or receive many calls or text messages.

You can choose from unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited long distance and roaming, unlimited mobile-to-mobile, unlimited texting . You can even have multiple unlimited options combined. You simply choose the options right for you. You can indeed get cheap prepaid cell phone service.

You can also outright buy from a selection of cheap cell phones no contract included.


Refilling Your Prepaid Minutes

Adding more time to your phone is pretty easy. You can make a simple call to an automated system from your phone and charge the denomination of your choice to a credit or debit card. Once confirmed, your added time is automatically added to your account.

You can also buy prepaid cards. With this card in hand (after your purchase, as it must be activated) you simply dial a designated number from your phone, enter your PIN (given on your card), and once verified your new minutes are immediately credited to your account.

Prepaid cell cards/PINs can be purchased at many places online, including the providers website, when you register an account. You can also purchase physical cellular cards from many local retail stores.

Choose from wireless providers like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Metro PCS, Tracfone, and Cricket. You will need to check for service availability for your area. Then, add in a cheap prepaid cell phone and you're all set.